JUCO Showcase Gameplay Rules

Game Play

Clock rules

1st half: 16-minute stop clock – running clock if a 20-point lead
2nd half: 16-minute stop clock – running clock if a 20-point lead

*Game lengths might have to be shorten if running close to 10pm, so we can stay within NCAA rules.

3 minutes of warm-up in between games (subject to change if necessary), 3 minute halftimes (subject to change if necessary. ***Each team is responsible for their own warm-up basketballs.


A player fouls out on his 7th personal foul.

After 7th team foul; you receive 1 point plus 1 free throw.

On shooting fouls, you receive 1 point, plus 1 free throw.

On fouled 3 point attempts, you receive 2 points, plus 1 free throw.

Shoot your free throw on And 1’s.


Please bring your reversible jerseys.


A team reaches the 1 and 1 bonus on the 7th foul of each half. You receive 1 point plus 1 free throw. THERE IS NO 2 SHOT BONUS.

Technical Fouls:

The opposing team is awarded two free throws plus possession of the ball. Two technical fouls and/or flagrant fouls result in an automatic ejection from the game.

Two direct technical fouls during a game on a player, coach or team representative with result in their disqualification for the next game of the tournament. Fighting and gross unsportsmanlike conduct can be more than one game and is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


Sudden death victory. No timeouts carryover.

Bench Rule:

Only coaches and players listed on the tournament roster for a given team are allowed on the bench for that team during the game. If a referee or the tournament director asks that an individual leave the bench and/or area and that individual does not, a technical foul shall be awarded to the opposing team. If the individual still refuses to leave, the game shall be stopped and a forfeit awarded to the opposing team subject to the discretion of the tournament director.


Please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of scheduled game time to avoid any problems. The tournament director has final decision making authority on all matters including.

Showcase-style games only. No pools or brackets.


All teams will have one (1) full length time-out and one (1) :30 second time-out per game.

Overtime: no additional timeouts for overtime, and no timeout carryovers.

No Switching Teams:

You must play on the team that you are assigned to.

Code of Conduct:

NO FIGHTING RULE – Any player or coach involved in a physical altercation/fight at any time, on or off the court, will be ejected from the tournament. Further, any player that leaves the bench during a altercation/fight will be ejected from the game and will be suspended from his/her next game. In the event a player leaves the bench and participates in any fashion in an altercation/fight, that player will be ejected from the tournament.

No cursing, foul language, fighting, physical violence, unsportsmanlike conduct, berating of fans, players, officials, or staff will be tolerated. The game is for the kids and families involved. Please help maintain a positive atmosphere win or lose. Anyone breaking the rules faces a technical foul for their team and possible ejection and suspension from the tournament. Any person found engaging in any of these activities with players, coaches, fans, officials, or event staff will be removed from the premises for the duration of the event without refund. The tournament director has final say regarding these matters.

Casual profanity/cursing: This pertains to expletives and verbal unsportsmanlike language not necessarily directed at officials or opposing players, but uttered out of frustration. Officials have discretion to issue a technical foul in the instances against the offending player or coach.

Foul language will not be tolerated by anyone. A second violation in a game will result in ejection and a possible suspension from one or more games. Any spectator or parent using foul language will be issued (1) warning by the staff followed by an ejection from the game and/or tournament without any refund.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted on site.

Anyone defacing or damaging property of the facility at any time will be automatically ejected from the tournament and held liable for all costs.

All protests must go through the on-site supervisor. If anyone believes any of these rules are being violated by anyone they may contact the on-site supervisor. Said supervisor will investigate all complaints received and will take appropriate action, which could include suspension or expulsion from the tournament. The tournament director has final decision making authority on all matters.

No gambling is allowed at any site. Anyone caught gambling will be ejected from the tournament and the facility.

Please enjoy yourself, support your child and/or team, and promote a positive and safe atmosphere.


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