Team Check In Information

13u-17u Teams Check-In: All team coaches must check in at headquarters (Okun Fieldhouse) before their first game to verify their rosters, show proof of Team Coach NCAA Approval, pickup their coaches packet, and to get a coaches pass. At this time, players are not necessary when checking in your team; however, you may wish to bring them with you to also watch the MANDATORY NCAA VIDEO.

15u-17u Teams: All these teams in the 2016 Sunflower Showcase MUST attend the NCAA Educational Seminar (will run continuously Thursday and Friday). You can watch it at Team Check-In, before your first game, or after your first game. It takes about 15 minutes.

13u-14u Teams: It is not necessary to watch the NCAA video.

Team coaches without NCAA approval numbers will not be allowed on the bench. Teams without rosters on the BBCS will not be allowed to play until the roster is entered. These NCAA requirements will be strictly enforced. Also, be sure to bring a printout of the latest version of your NCAA BBCS roster with you.